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♪ songs are in my head like they always are ♪

fantasy is more important than knowledge

16 May 1986
about me 
Anie ☆ 28 ☆ Ravendor ☆ history and Japanese major ☆ forever a slave to fandom ☆ recovering from epic writer's block ☆ master procrastinator ☆ obsessively makes lists ☆ perfectionist ☆ snarky ☆ language whore ☆ eternally broke ☆ living the dream in Japan
things I do 
fandom stuff 
flails over all things 嵐 ☆ 5人shipper ☆ ridiculously biased towards sakurai sho ☆ eighter∞ ☆ je fangirl ☆ never takes fandom seriously ☆ loves japanese boys ☆ shiny smap fan ☆ drools over oguri shun ☆ pretends to be sho & nino ☆ rainbows & sparkles ☆ 10th doctor
☆ Johnny's ☆ 嵐 ☆ 関ジャニ∞ ☆ SMAP ☆ Jdramas ☆ Star Trek ☆ Doctor Who ☆ Star Wars ☆ Sherlock ☆ Supernatural ☆ Harry Potter

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a no arashi, abusing my photoshop privileges, aibaland, aiba’s engrish, air guitar, all things joss whedon, arashi/arashi, bad puns, battlestar galactica, book shopping, chesuto!, converse-wearing time lords, coordinating outfits, creative research, daydreaming, doctor who, dorky dream chance dances, drooling over david tennant, epic fail, firefly, flailing over arashi, fuzzy snowman totoro, gifs, harry potter, i-just-wanna-eat-world-ok, ikuta toma, impaling myself on kimura, inagaki goro, japanese boybands, jdramas, johnny's entertainment, kanjani8, kimura takuya, kitto daijoubu, learning through osmosis, making lists, mamacita sho, matsujun smells like rhino, ni no arashi, nino's magic tricks, no clothes for sho, not having a life, obi-wan kenobi, oguri shun, ohno with angel wings, one ok rock, oretachi no song, perfectionism, pikanchi double, pointless distractions, pretending to be sho, pretending to understand japanese, pretty japanese boys, procrastination, rainbow milkshakes, rainbow-colored disco hell, random conversations, sakurap, satoshi to sho-chan, scruffy!sho, shiny stuff, sho's belly button ring, sho's hair, sho's trauma face, sho/nino bffery and tears, sleeping in on weekdays, sleeping in on weekends, sloping shoulders as pillows, smap as sparkly vampires, snapehate, sparklz, star trek, star wars, talking to myself, the history channel, the-masculine-art-of-flower-arranging, time-travel, toma/redbull otp, twitter ridiculousness, useless ramblings, very very danger!, wielding the prefect stick, yassai mossai, 七色のフレーズ, 二宮和也, 外で奴とchill, 大宮sk, 大野智, 山と風, 嵐 嵐 for dream!, 松本潤, 櫻井翔, 歴史のページをいまめくれ, 相葉雅紀, 関ジャニ∞